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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 28, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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california senators vote on whether or not to suspend leland yee today. we'll tell you how the embattled politician says he's not resigning. >> we're live in san leandro where police are warning people of a scam artist that are finding creative ways to steal items from cars. we'll tell you more about it. >> big changes for san francisco bus riders could be just around the corner. plans for the biggest muni overhaul in 30 years. >> a few sprinkles in the forecast for today as the new storm moves our way. i'll have a look at what you can expect for friday and a timeline of that rain coming up. good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning, we are live once again outside of
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state senator leland yee's house in san francisco. the sunset district. there is a big vote expected at the state capitol today as a result of his corruption charges. we are also learning more about the gun trafficking allegations against him. we'll get right back out to that story in just a moment. it is friday, march 28th i'm pam cook. >> friday. good morning i'm dave clark. let's talk weather and traffic. steve is off. we have rosemary. keep an umbrella close by. >> keep it handy for your weekend. for today we are partly cloudy. we'll have a few spotty showers. the storm still to the north of us. you can see on storm tracker 2 plenty of moisture with westerly flow continuing for your afternoon today. giving you a closer view. mostly cloudy skies. a few sprinkles recorded in concord. and i have a feeling that we have some drizzle out there this morning as well even though the radar is not picking up on it. the other noteworthy item the
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temps. most of us in the 50s. 51 san jose. 57 in oakland. upper 40s in novato. 54 san francisco. 54 half-moon bay. so not bad as you step outside and chances are you are going to notice. temperatures will not change a whole lot during the morning hours. we will remain in the 50s. by noontime mid 50s to 60 degrees. second half of your day a lot like yesterday. wide spread 60s in the forecast with a few hits 70 degrees. areas like morgan hill and livermore. 67 in oakland. 64 san francisco. partly to mostly cloudy along the coast. 61 expected in pacifica. again we have rain coming. it will arrive late tonight and spread through the bay area tomorrow morning. i will time it coming up. we don't have any major delays right now on the bay area roads. but things are getting busier around the bay. let's take a look at highway 4. you can see slow traffic here and the traffic continues to be
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a little bit slow. coming out of antioch and into the bay point area it's not full strength yet and certainly not as bad as yesterday. it's been a pretty good drive when it comes to accidents. we haven't had that many. this is a look at westbound bay bridge. there is a little bit of delay in the cash lanes. metering lanes are not quite on. but the drive time here is ten minutes. this is a look at 880 heading south. over on the peninsula the traffic looks good. 6:04 let's go back to the desk. happening today lawmakers in sacramento may vote as early as this morning to suspend state senator leland yee. tara moriarty is outside his sunset district home with once again what comes next for this once prominent bay area politician. >> reporter: yee is refusing to step down because in part if he resigns he may not be paid. within a few hours they will
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meet and decide on whether or not to suspend him. senate president pro tem darrell steinberg made a plea on wednesday asking him to leave and not burden his colleagues with his problems. yee was arrested by the fbi in a criminal sting operation that netted a notorious chinese gangster. >> it's a very personal choice and so that is the choice he has made without any political implications. it's the personal thing he wanted to do. >> reporter: meanwhile more details about yee's alleged trafficking and firearms has surfaced. the fbi criminal complaint accuses yee of importing firearms including rocket launchers worth as much as $2.5 million. governor jerry brown has not commented on yee's situation yet, but u.s. senator dianne
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feinstein issued a review saying quote it's become clear he's lost the confidence of his colleagues and for the good of his constituents he should step down. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. we are learning more now about some of the other 26 people arrested in that same fbi sting as leland yee. one is sports agent marlon zillion son. the fbi accuses sullivan of -- former san francisco school board -- and people who know jackson are shocked. >> i was shocked, stunned, and saddened for any allegation such as the ones over the last
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series. >> brandon also accused in the fbi complaint. he said his son was shipping 300 pounds of marijuana to memphis, tennessee every month. gun control groups are trying to stem the damage as leland yee now faces gun trafficking allegations. now gun control groups say the charges filed against senator yee this week cloud the future of two of his gun control bills. one bill would ban devices that allow for quick reloading of military style assault style weapons. the other calls for a study of safe firearm storage weapons. they are trying to find another lawmaker to take the lead on gun control legislation. now make sure you stay right here with ktvu channel 2 for the latest on state senator yee and others charged in this case, we will bring you all the latest on air and online as it
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happens. in san francisco a teenage boy is in stable condition this morning after being shot. it happened at 8:00 last night on kirkwood avenue near earl street in the city's hunter point district. officers quickly sealed off the block. police tell us the boy is 14 years old and shot in the upper body. the shooting is still under investigation. time 16:07. police in san leandro warning people to be on the alert of a sam artist. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we are here in san leandro. this is the location of where the scam took place just days ago. in terms of the details of what happened, this all happened at 11:45 in the morning on tuesday here. police say this particular scam artist waved down the driver of a big rig truck saying it was emitting a large plume of smoke. when the driver got out of his truck, the scam artist rummaged
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through the truck looking for any type of items and then ended up stealing the drivers cell phone. it's unclear if any other items were stolen but there are other victims out there. here's a description of the they are looking for. he was -- criminals are getting more creative and using various ways to target people. live in san francisco muni begins new in that effects more of two toothy -- muni came up with the plan in 2008 but under went changes after public comment.
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there are certain changes to the popular lines. time is 6:09. washington state racing for -- bracing for more sad news now. a steep jump expected in the death toll after that massive mud slide. but at least 90 people are still missing. so far everyone has been found arrive was rescued within the first couple of hours. still rescuers are holding out hope for a miracle and they are saying they are not going to call this a recovery operation. >> we are not going to run big huge equipment over areas where we may collapse something where we may have a survivor. >> with the scope of the tragedy sinking in, some people living in the area say that are mad with local officials with not letting them join in the search immediately after the
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landslide when chances of finding survivors are the greatest. the american red cross says nine more volunteers will give support and comfort to the people waiting for information about loved ones. if you want to help, the red cross says the best way is to donate money. one family that lost their mother in that landslide went back to the property trying to recover a safe but they found something else. very valuable. can you believe this? this happened the day after the landslide. this chocolate labrador had been buried under mud and rubble for a day and a half and everybody thought he had been killed. the dog survival is very meaningful to family members who suffered a lot. like so many people in
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washington state. a shift in the search for the missing malaysian airlines passenger jet. the new area recovery crews are looking at and the reason they have changed course. >> and he's been arrested again. where the woman was arrested after being told repeatedly stay away from sfo. >> today will be a mainly dry day over the bay area. we will see perhaps a few sprinkles in ahead of a storm that will bring us important rain by tomorrow.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are following developing news now in east san jose. this is new video of a home on aborn road where a body of a man was found last night. the entrance to the house has been boarded up. police received a call around 7:40 last night about a possible body. officers investigated. they are treating the case as a suspicious death. police have not yet released the person's identity or how the person died. but stay with us here at ktvu news we will update this story
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throughout the morning. a woman ordered by the courts to stay away from sfo was arrested again for being seen at the airport. 62-year-old maryland hartman was arrested yesterday after being seen at the baggage claim. this is the fifth time she was arrested at sfo. she tried to sneak on to a plane headed for hawaii. one time she actually made it on to a plane. a judge ordered her to stay away from the airport unless she had a plane ticket. she has told police in the past she has cancer and wanted to go to a warm place but so far her story has not been verified. the teacher accused of sexually abusing his students is due in court. police arrested guinto earlier this month. he could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted of the number of sexual abuse charges he is facing. his arrest came two months after starting his job.
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the scandal has prompted big changes in the hiring procedures for contra costa unified school district. time is 6:16. the lake tahoe visitors authority may cancel the annual 4th of july fireworks show. a couple filed a lawsuit saying debris from the fire works is polluting the lake. they scheduled an emergency meeting yesterday to consider ending its sponsorship of the fire works show. >> it's just really sad a couple people could destroy such a family tradition. >> the couple says they want to protect the lake and they have no intention on trying to stop the fire works. they just want proper permitting and cleanup enforced. after creating quite a buzz
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at the winter olympics, ten rescued dogs from sochi have arrived in washington, dak. each dog will get a medical evaluation and if all goes well they could be available for adoption within weeks. time is 6:17. let's check in with sal. everybody behaving on this friday morning? >> i would say so. we have a pretty decent drive around the bay area. we haven't had a lot of crashes. let's take a look at the toll plaza. we have a big crowd getting into san francisco. people are up early and at the toll plaza. this is about a 25 minute drive into san francisco. there are no major problems on the bridge. this is a look at the san mateo bridge in case you want to head to san mateo bridge instead of using the bay bridge. right now would be a good time to do it because the nimitz freeway heading down there is not bad. once you get there in san mateo highway 101 looks good on the way up to the city or airport.
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traffic on 101 also looks good into redwood city. here is rosemary. good morning, to you. partly to mostly cloudy skies. a little bit of drizzle and light rain falling. concord reporting a little bit of light rain this morning. hit and miss light showers this morning. and for the afternoon it will be mostly cloudy over the north bay and we have a possibility of a few light showers over the north bay. this ahead of the storm that you could see here pretty much over northern california. it will hang here for today. it will slowly sink its way south. by late tonight into early tomorrow morning, the steady rain will fall over the bay area. i will fast forward you all the way into tonight. you can see the northern edge. you may hear it on your rooftops around 2:00, 3:00. becomes a little bit more
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moderate. across the golden gate bridge. down along the coastline and then 7:00, 8:00 it's shifting a little bit farther. we have concord involved in this. alistening the peninsula here. 9:00, 10:00 it's moving into the south bay. you can see over the course of the morning light to moderate steady rain. this is the pattern of what we will see. and then behind that steady rain for the first half of the day we will be left with scattered showers for the second half of your saturday. mostly cloudy skies and temperatures on the cool side. how much rain will we see? a quarter inch to one inch. and our hills are expected up more than that. inch and a half over ben lomond and we could see more than that over the north bay hills. we will see a foot to two feet of snow. starts late tonight will last until sunday morning. not to be aware of if you plan
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on traveling. your weekend in view showing you mainly dry. but tomorrow will be wet. as we get into sunday partly cloudy skies temperatures remain on the cold side. not too bad. we are dry on sunday and then a new storm moves in on monday with more rain for the bay area, more snow for the sierra. social securitiered showers will remain in the way for tuesday. amazon denying reports it could offer a free streaming service. they also include streaming movies and tv episodes. but the wall street journal reports that amazon will offer free streaming to everyone. paper says the service would be supported by advertising. google reclaiming the number one ranking in u.s. traffic. yahoo took the crown for the most visited site last summer. it was the first time yahoo had out done its rival. yahoo trailed by four million,
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may com soft -- microsoft third, facebook a distant fourth. piecing together a bizarre series of events. >> it will be another day of dangling 230 feet in the air for some brave san franciscans. the parent mission behind the daredevil stunt. female announcer: what will you get with your new sleep train mattress?
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welcome back 6:24. happening today president obama makes another overseas stop. a short time ago the president left rome. now he is heading to saudi arabia. president obama wants to reassure arab allies he is not abandoning them. some are concerned the middle east is no longer a top priority after the crisis in ukraine took center stage plus american troops are being withdrawn from iraq and afghanistan. back here at home cover california is giving people two extra weeks to finish applying for health insurance as long as they start the enrollment process by monday. call centers like this one in concord they have been inendated as the deadline approaches. because of that surge in demand, cover california softened the deadline a bit. as long as you start the
6:26 am
process by midnight monday, you have until midnight april 15th to finish signing up. the city skyline challenge continues at san francisco's hyatt regency. people who raised $1500 for the nonprofit group were invited to repel down the side of the 23 story hotel. one of the first to take up the challenge was former 49er guy mcen tire. >> i looked over and saw the bridge and i said okay it's time to go on down. i didn't want to go too fast. >> looked scary. the man that calls himself
6:27 am
the french spiderman was arrested but he wasn't charged after his latest climb up a building. look at him. he climbed the side of a 500- foot tall building in the financial district of paris using only his hands and feet. clouds were down below to watch him. they cleared when he got to the top in just 45 minutes. he is a well known urban climber and he is goo to do. criminal charges against pg&e utility says it expects to face federal charges for the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion we'll bring you reactions. >> in less than three hours the california state senate will take action against leland yee. find out what some of his colleagues want him to do today. >> good morning. right now we are still looking at a commute that is doing pretty well on a friday. we are seeing some signs that things could be getting very
6:28 am
slow on some of the key roots. >> mostly cloudy start to the day. even a few sprinkles recorded in the overnight hours. this ahead of the storm coming our way that will get us all wet for saturday. i'll have a look at what you can expect for today and your weekend coming up.
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good morning. welcome back. these are live pictures from san francisco here in the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are live in front of the home of state senator leland yee. tara moriarty is there as well. she will tell you more about the important action expected at the state capitol maybe in just a couple hours as a result of his corruption arrest. stay tuned for that. good morning. welcome back. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news, friday, pam cook's favorite day. it's march 28th i'm dave clark.
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>> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. it is a good day. we get to sleep in tomorrow. rosemary won't. she will be here tomorrow morning for mornings on 2. and a big rain coming in. >> yes,ly be tracking that rain because tomorrow morning we wake up with steady rainfall. i will point to the system that will bring us some rain. it's still offshore but the leading edge bringing rain to areas like crescent city and eureka. a little bit of drizzle out there as well. but for the most part we will be dry for today. today a lot like yesterday. a mix of sun and clouds. just a slight chance for a few scattered showers especially over the north bay. again ahead of that system that will roll in in time for your saturday. temperatures 52-degrees in concord. 54 napa. low 50s antioch. along the peninsula we have 54 in redwood city. into the north bay 52. 4 in novato. definitely one of the cooler spots this morning. all and all not a bad start for
6:32 am
the day. for your afternoon temperatures in the 60s with a few 70s out there as well. 70 degrees for livermore. 70 morgan hill. around the bay wide spread 60s pupper 60s redwood city. 68 for fremont. 66 hayward. and for our inland communities 68 for napa. if we go east we have 69 in fairfield. 69 expected in antioch. mostly cloudy skies maybe a sprinkle over areas like santa rosa, maybe napa, shouldn't be a big deal. all and all a fairly quiet day ahead of the storm coming in. i will show you the timeline of this system and the pattern expected for your saturday and whether or not we will be dry in time for sunday. more on that coming up. good morning, sal. good morning, to you. we are looking at a commute that is not too bad but it's getting more crowded by the minute. you definitely see more traffic here coming out of pittsburgh and the bay point area. it's also slow nearby on interstate 680. but it's not sire crowded. if you drive this every day you will notice a little bit better
6:33 am
than it normally is. bay bridge toll plaza slightly better. i would say it's still a 25 minute drive time. this week we had 45 to an hour drive time. so it's better than normal right now. northbound 85 and 101 are doing well. southbound toward 85 there is word of a wreck on the shoulder. let's go back to the desk. happening today lawmakers in sacramento may vote as early as this morning to suspend leland yee. tara moriarty is live in front of yee's sunset district home. >> reporter: he's not going to down without a fight, that is for sure. he is refusing to resign. perhaps in part because if he resigns, he will not be paid. in less than three hours at the state capitol the senate will be meeting deciding on whether or not to suspend him.
6:34 am
senate president pro tem darrell steinberg made an open plea to the embattled yee asking him to leave and not burden his colleagues with his troubles. he was arrested in an fbi sting. yee's attorney announced yesterday that his client has withdrawn for the race of secretary of state. >> this was a very personal decision on the part of the senator. this is what he wanted to do in relation to that election for office. given the circumstances of the federal case. >> reporter: meanwhile more details about yee's alleged trafficking and firearms has surfaced. it accuses lee of conspiracy to legally import firearms including rocket launchers worth $$2.5 million. governor jerry brown has not commented on yee's situation but california's two senators barbara boxer and dianne
6:35 am
feinstein have demanded yee's resignation. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> an east bay man accused of crashing into and killing a marine that just returned from afghanistan is facing a second degree murder charge. 23-year-old alexander yaun appeared in court on the charges of murder, vehicular manslaughter, and hit and run. he drank at least four jamison whiskies and got behind the wheel of his mini cooper early tuesday morning. he ran a red light and slammed into 23-year-old marine andrew silva. >> he comes back here this is home, this is supposed to be safe, this is supposed to be where everybody feels at peace. one person makes a dumb mistake and all of this happens. >> a memorial continues to grow at the intersection where the crash occurs. it includes silva's military boots, american flag, and photos of him in uniform standing next to his wife.
6:36 am
pg&e expects to face federal criminal charges for the deadly pipeline explosion in 2010. it killed eight people, injured dozens more and destroyed 38 homes. the utility has been accused of poor recordkeeping, poor maintenance, and failure to identify safety threats. pg&e says it expects u.s. prosecutors to file criminal charges any day now. >> nothing can bring back the lives that were lost, the ruin that occurred if pg&e -- if the u.s. attorney determine there is is criminal negligence when certainly criminal charges should be filed. >> the pg&e released a statement apologizing again for that disaster and since that explosion the company has launched a massive effort to test and repair all of its pipelines. police are warning people to be on the alert for a scam
6:37 am
artist. brian flores is in san leandro. >> reporter: we are on the corner of doo little and fair lawn. this is the location of the last scam and theft that took place just days ago. police are saying that you need to be aware of your surroundings. in terms of what happened this happened at 11:45 in the morning. a scam artist waved down the driver of a big rig truck saying it was emitting a large plume of smoke. when the driver got out of the truck to inspect it they rummaged through the truck looking for items. and eventually took off with the drivers cell phone. it's unclear if other items were stolen but there are other victims out there. here's a description who police are looking for. police say he is a hispanic man 25-30 years old. about 5'10" and last seen driving way in a small compact car. criminals are getting even more
6:38 am
-- they say as we take you back out here live just be aware of your surroundings. live in san leandro brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. we have new information in the search for that missing malaysian airlines jet. they saw objects in the water of various colors. it's not known if they came from the missing plane but photos of the on thes they will -- objects that will be analyzed overnight. the plane flew faster than they first thought using more fuel and cutting down on the distance it was traveled. the new search zone is about 1,000 miles west of purse, australia. >> because of ocean drift it could -- [ inaudible ] >> although the plane still hasn't been found, chinese insurance companies have started paying compensation to some of the passengers families. relatives have received $50,000
6:39 am
per person. the experts predict malaysia airlines and insurers may pay $750 million in restitution. but no matter the amount of money, family members are still angry and furious and this show of solidarity they walked out of a briefing this morning in beijing, china. they accused malaysia airlines of trying to hide information about that missing plane. officials were left sitting there at the front of the hotel room staring into dozens of empty chairs. today members of congress will meet at los angeles international airport to talk about the lessons learned from that deadly attack that killed a security officer and injured three people last year. the meeting comes after a report was released last week showing a major lapse in emergency response time to the shooting. they will also talk about the finding of a tsa report this week reviewing security at nearly 450 airports across the
6:40 am
country. time is 5:39. kind of a change here. more people are saying they believe a local hotel is haunted. the spooky experience of a famous athlete. the noise he said he heard during an overnight stay this week. a major overhaul could soon be coming to muni. we'll tell you about the important changes transit officials will be voting on. >> good morning. right now we are looking at a commute that is busy in some areas like 237 getting a little bit more crowded. and coming up we will show you another really busy spot where you will have to add extra time for your morning commute. >> partly cloudy calm conditions expected for your friday. this ahead of a storm that will move in for part of your weekend. i will show you how much rain to expect for your area and when it will arrive coming up.
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happening today the agency that runs muni could vote to overhaul the system. they want to improve service and efficiency. alex savidge is in san francisco with some of the changes muni riders will see. alex. >> reporter: pam, good morning to you. san francisco transit officials will vote today on a series of changes hoping to improve on time performance for muni. it's a system that often can be -- has been called slow and unreliable but muni is trying to change that with a complex approach here they will make a
6:44 am
lot of changes among other things. the plan would eliminate some routes and create some routes. this is all known as the transit effectiveness project and it would be the first big overhaul for muni in 30 years. they will vote today on whether to green light the project which has been in the works since 2008. now this plan was developed with public input and in some cases buses would be picking up more often on other routes they would come less often. there would also be express buses and expanded hours of operation. also under the plan, the mta would make infrastructure changes along certain routes and that in all likelihood would help to improve pedestrian safety in those areas. now the price tag for this project is about $44 million and the vote again will be taken by the mta board that will happen at 8:00 this
6:45 am
morning at city hall. live in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:44. a lot of questions remain about a bizarre series of events in the south bay. it ended with a death of a young woman. 20-year-old monica was killed when a train hit her car at east central avenue and butterfield in morgan hill. investigators say it started when she apparently sideswiped a parked car. ktvu obtained home security video showing her driving. >> she was panicked, i guess and made a u-turn and beelined it that way. >> she went down two dead end streets and then over a curb and through a drainage culvert and on to the train tracks. it appears she was trying to drive away as the train approached. now officials are waiting for lab tests to find out if drugs or alcohol were involved. some palo alto residents are fighting a plan to install
6:46 am
a cell antenna a light pole at a baseball field. verizon wireless would pay the little league and replace an existing pole with a wider one that will be five feet taller. but a group of people say the property is historic and they feel the pole would be an eyesore. verizon says it would improve wireless coverage for the area. the city is yet to sign off on that project. a thrilling season for stanford men's basketball team has come to an end after the cardinals heartbreaking loss in the sweet 16. >> and now they beat stanford. >> tenth seeded stanford was ushered out of the ncaa tournament by 11 seeded dayton last night. final score 82-72. the season is now over for the stanford men but stanford women still in it. they will host penn state in their sweet 16 on sunday at home at maples pavilion. a different kind of basketball. tim duncan now among the people
6:47 am
that think the claremont resort in berkeley is haunted. there is a legend i'm just telling you. a six-year-old girl who died there is still roaming the halls of the claremont. tim duncan and the san antonio spurs stay add the claremont before monday's game against the warriors. they heard strange noises in the hallway and baby noises in one of the rooms. duncan says it gave them chills and he would rather not stay at the hotel again. but in the end the spurs weren't too scared they beat the warriors 99-90. all right 6:47 is the time. let's check in with tori for a look at what is coming up on mornings on 2. >> i was at that game on saturday. i don't think the spurs were too shaken by it. but i do have my own ghost story to tell. it was in san diego. i have that on my facebook page. >> good. i will go look there. hear a little bit more about a
6:48 am
real ghost story. coming up in minutes who is guarding the guards. there are growing reports of wrong doing by prison guards and other staff. what california's correction department is now doing to deal with this situation. >> and with jobs and hiring still a crucial part of the economic recovery, find out how the city of san francisco ranks when it comes to job growth across the entire country. those stories coming up on mornings on 2. time is 6:48. let's check in with sal. you have traffic stories and you are watching what highway 24? >> yes, we are. and today even though it's better than it normally is, i would say we definitely have friday nightlight going on or friday lighter going on. because there is still slow traffic on 24 between lafayette and the caldecott tunnel on the way to oakland. and the drive time still eight minutes. at the bay bridge you can see there is a lot of room in the cash lane. this is about a 20 minute drive time into san francisco.
6:49 am
there are no major problems. in san jose northbound 101 slowing a little bit near the expressway. for the most partisan that clara valley traffic looks pretty good. let's go to rosemary. ten minutes until the official sunrise but hard pressed to see any sun out there. we are covered covered with mostly cloudy skies. we have the next storm on the horizon. it will be shifting into california. it will take all day top get here but we could see a few showers over parts of the north bay for today. a mix of sun and clouds for the rest of us but by tomorrow morning it's moving in. all and all saturday will be a wet day. could see anywhere from a quarter inch to an inch over parts of the north bay our urban area along the central bay. maybe oakland. heaviest rain again i think by 3:00 a.m. it's moving in over the north bay.
6:50 am
i think it takes until about 6:00, 7:00 in the morning before it moves over past the golden gate into san francisco as well as oakland. and then continues to work down south by 9:00, 10:00 i think some of the heavier rain will make it into san jose. and then behind it you will have scattered showers for the second half of your afternoon. the steady rain coming early on. as far as the show there will be more sierra snow. one to two feet possible for the highest elevations and there are watches and warnings expected late tonight lasting through sunday morning if you plan on traveling that way for your weekend. for today we're in the 50s. we will remain in the 50s for the morning hours. by noontime mid 50s to 60 degrees. again a slight chance for a shower over parts of the north bay. but until the afternoon some of -- but in the afternoon some of us will see mild weather. 60s around the bay. the cool spot will be along the
6:51 am
coastline with low 60s in the forecast for pacifica and half- moon bay. the extended forecast mainly dry today. wet tomorrow. partly cloudy, mostly dry on sunday. more rain and snow coming monday and perhaps into tuesday. back to the desk. baseball officially returned to the bay area. last night fans pour into at & t park. the a's won final 4-0. and there will be something new on the menu at the oakland coliseum when the regular season starts on monday. the a's official sponsoring soft drink will be zevia. they have always done things differently on and off the field but pepsi and diet pepsi will still be available at the park. vegas hit by a strike.
6:52 am
how thousands of people especially those on spring break may be effected. >> three uc berkeley grads held captive in an iranian prison. what they reveal in a new book.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
we're back. we are getting a close look at the tornado damage in roseville wednesday night. this is video from our fox affiliate in sacramento. that tornado ripped through the area outside of sacramento and homeowners are now picking up the pieces of their damaged homes and getting ready for a rainy and windy weekend. >> they move some of the fence pieces, they had to really do some extensive repairs up high. >> i was watching fox it kept saying stay away from the windows. now i understand why. >> winds as strong as 80 miles an hour caused major damage to dozens of homes. so far no word of any injuries. new concerns this morning about a danger to wildlife caused by california's drought. scientists are focusing on the effects of toxins in the bay. during the rainy years the toxins are deluded, they are washed out of the bay. because it hasn't rained much, the chemicals stay in the bay and hundreds of millions of tiny clams were just absorbing
6:56 am
them. and then other animals eat the clams anita are also effected by the toxins. many people celebrating spring break in las vegas could be impacted by a major strike by food worker. thousands have voted to analyze a strike by downtown casinos. their contracts expired last june and a deal has not been reached. new this morning there is a delay in the murder trial of oscar pistorius. the defense was going to be begin presenting its case today but the judge announced one of her two legal aids is sick. the trial which started a month ago is now scheduled to resume on monday april 7th. pistorius admits to shooting and killing his girlfriend but admits he mistook her for an intruder. time 16:-- time is 5:56. it's been five years since
6:57 am
three uc berkeley students have been locked up in an iranian prison. yesterday they took the stage reading from their memoir called a sliver of life. it's about their time of capture and spent in an iranian jail. [ inaudible ] >> we were some desperate in solitary confinement that i was looking forward to interrogation. it was just someone to talk to. >> sarah shower was freed -- sarah shourd was freed after 400 days in jail. the flee will be at commonwealth club in san francisco tonight. coming up next here on mornings on 2 a critical day in the leland yee scandal. the vote at the state capitol
6:58 am
that is scheduled to begin in a few hours. >> a grim discovery has now become a homicide investigation. stay right here with us. welcome to the farm of jack. there's a curly fry tree. and a chopper out back. there's a barn full of buns. and a thing you gotta try. a critter that makes burgers with bacon inside. boooorrrk- it's beef and pork! get bacon in your burger. jack's new bacon insider has a juicy beef patty with bacon mixed right into it, plus bacon strips and bacon mayo on a new gourmet brioche bun. boooorrrk - it's beef and pork! get bacon in your burger. moooiiink.
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>> reporter: a critical day in the leland yee scandal. we are live where he could learn today whether or not he gets suspended from his job. developing news in the south bay as police investigate a suspicious death. where the body was found and why homicide investigators are involved. >> reporter: we're live in san leandro where police are warning people about a particular scam that happened earlier this week. how you can protect yourself and who police are looking for this